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Have a complicated legal issue and need an attorney to help you understand the law? Allow me to help you find some options, as we determine what defenses will best benefit you. Then, if necessary, convincingly communicate that perspective to a judge or jury.

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Legal challenges can be traumatic and burdensome, making access to information, options, and answers essential. Whether your concern is civil or criminal in nature, Law Offices of James Oliver III, LLC is ready to help you with personalized comprehensive guidance, tailored to alleviate some of the stresses and pressures that accompany legal issues.

Here at the Law Offices of James L. Oliver III, LLC, we are devoted to providing every client quality legal

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James L. Oliver III is committed to helping the members of the Greater New Orleans and Greater Baton Rouge area find strategic solutions to their legal concerns. We will strive toward a resolution, so you can move forward and focus on those things that matter most in life.

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