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Although a very common occurrence in this country, nothing can really prepare for an automobile crash. Car accidents are a common cause of personal injuries. These injuries are sometimes minor but can often prevent a person from earning income and functioning normally as the physical and mental pain is too much. The initial shock of the crash causes the body to releases endorphins which can allow an injury to go unnoticed. It is important to seek a licensed medical practitioner to properly evaluate any injuries sustained in the accident.

My experience as a bodily injury adjuster and legal secretary gave me some wonderful insight on how to properly represent my clients after being involved in a car crash. The process of taking care of a car accident is complicated and has multiple levels and requires contact with multiple insurance companies and agencies. You will need to obtain a copy of the police report of the crash; you will need to get your vehicle repaired. You will demand your medical needs taken care of, and the list goes on. This is where we can help. Law Offices of James L. Oliver III, LLC offers all clients a full service representation throughout all phases of the automobile accident.

Property Damage

While most personal injury firms don’t assist with the property damage portion of the automobile accident, here we understand how important it is that you are represented throughout the entire process. We will assist in scheduling the repair and rental car setup. We will assist in the negotiation of a total loss. You will be completely represented and never have to worry about your communications with the insurance company.

Police Report

We will order and preserve a copy of your police report. In our initial consultation, along with contact and insurance information, we will get the police report item number then acquire a copy from the appropriate agency. If that information is unavailable, we will utilize other resources to get a copy of the police report. Often insurance companies will fail to make a liability decision on an accident without first obtaining a copy of the police report. This delay can create a huge inconvenience in your attempt to get your vehicle fixed among other things.

Medical Treatment

Receiving the appropriate medical attention should be a priority. We are here to assist with that process in any way we can. We are willing to work with your treating physician and will contact anyone facility that you have been evaluated by to make sure you are receiving the care you need. If you do not have a treating medical professional we have several facilities and providers that we can set you up an evaluation at your earliest convenience.

When it comes to medical treatment, at the Law Offices of James L. Oliver III, LLC we strongly believe that all you should have to do is get better. We will take care of everything, through constant communication with your treating physician all of your medical needs will be taken care of stress and worry free.

Pain and Suffering

Along with all of your medical bills you will be compensated for your pain and suffering associated with your injuries. Having a personal injury trial lawyer on your side when trying to negotiate this compensation with an insurance company, is absolutely priceless. Unlike medical bills where you can print out exactly how much the treatment cost, the pain and suffering that you felt while trying to heal from your injury must be represented through a monetary award. By offering full service representation to all our personal injury clients we are more able to understand truly what each client goes through and are better capable at that point to convey that message to the insurance company.

Because the issue of compensation can be so subjective there often time comes a point where an impasse is met during negotiations. James Oliver, being a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, is not afraid to stand by the evaluation of your case and take your case to court. He believes in full and complete compensation to all his clients and will work with them until every legal option has been exhausted.

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