Impact injuries

An automobile crash can cause serious bodily injury and even death. The most common type of injury that one develops from a car wreck is called an impact injury.  Impact injuries are caused when someone collides with another part of the vehicle or loose object due to the vehicles colliding. Often accompanying the impact injuries are cuts, lacerations, bruises, and other injuries caused by the broken glass, scrap metal, and airbag deployment. If someone is involved in a serious automobile accident they could find that they suffer from many if not all of the injuries listed above in addition to some way worse. Below is a link to the page where I have listed and given a brief explanation of some of the most common diagnosis seen in relation to automobile accident injuries.

Common Injuries

After understanding your diagnosis and injuries, you must begin your journey to rehabilitate yourself back to health. Your injury will largely affect the options you may be facing; however below are a few options our clients often use to help them through the recovery phase.

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) – Physicians and Surgeons – are professionals who practice medicine, with concentration on promoting, maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

Physical Therapist – medically trained person who assist in the rehabilitation process by treating injuries and diseases with physical agents such as heat, massage, and exercise.

Chiropractor – type of health care profession who focuses on the relationship between the structure of the human body particularly the spinal column, and how the body functions primarily the nervous system, in order to preserve health. Chiropractors treat most medical condition by manipulating and adjusting the body, particularly the spinal column.

Been diagnosed with an injury and now the doctor is telling you that you should not go to work? Many of my clients find themselves faced with this difficulty. It is first important to understand the terminology used. Understanding which type of medical disability you have which is not allowing you to go to work, is extremely important in your attempt to look for ways and options to keep the bills paid and mouths fed.

Medical Disability – medical disability refers to the individual’s physical condition as it affects functioning daily.

Permanent Partial – a medical condition that has a permanent, partial effect on an individual’s earning power or other pre-injury activities.

Permanent Total – a medical condition that has a complete and permanent effect on an individual’s earning power or other per-injury activities.

Temporary Partial – a medical condition that has a temporary partial effect on an individual earning power or other pre-injury activities, but from which the individual is expect to recover.

Temporary Total – a medical condition that has a complete but temporary effect on an individual’s earning power or other pre-injury activities, and from which the individual is expected to recover.

As if being a victim of someone else’s negligence is not enough to deal with, if you find that you are suffering from serious injuries, they are likely to be persistently followed by costly medical bills and steep rehabilitation costs. In addition, you may also find yourself missing time from work as you fight through recuperation. The pressures listed above in addition to all the other case specific stresses that arise, can even cause some personal injury victims to also suffer from emotional symptoms such as extreme sadness, anxiety, and even depression.

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