Firm Promise

As a small firm focusing on full service representation we appreciate and foster the attorney-client relationship. This individualized hands-on approach begins by understanding the issue, exploring possible options, and finally execution to conclusion. In order for this relationship to flourish, it requires a commitment from the client to be honest and to work hand-and-hand with the firm, to help bring the legal matter to conclusion. In return the firm promises to each client:

Quick Response to Initial Consultation Request

When it comes to legal situations time can be just as important as the facts of the case. At the Law Offices of James Oliver III, we don’t want you to wait! Most consultations will be set up for an appointment the same day you call. If we are unable to reach you the same day, we will make our best effort to reach you within two business days

Will not waste your time:

For your initial consultation, you will meet with James Oliver III. The firm believes that this initial consultation is extremely important to the path and outcome of your legal situation and thus the handling attorney will be there from the very beginning to assess you in your legal needs. After truly understanding the legal situations and an initial discussion of possible options, our clients understand exactly how we can help. Initial consultation serves a large part as the first step to resolving your legal issues.

Will not solicit representation:

Legal services are serious in nature and often conclude in finality. Choosing what attorney best represents your needs can be just as important as deciding if a lawyer is needed at all. We promise not to pressure you into representation. If your best interest are served by other options, or waiting; if steps need to be taken before representation is retained, if our representation is not needed, we will let you know.

We care about every client:

We work every case with the utmost care and will see you through the entire process. Our full service representation will aid with countless matters as we assist you every step of the way.

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